Disc Golf Clinics with Holly Finley

I was contacted by Scott Kinney of Oakland Middle School in Murfreesboro, TN.  We are both members of a Facebook Group called “Barfield & Sharp Springs Lost and Found.”  This group is a gathering place for people to post discs and items they have lost in hopes of having them returned.  Scott had seen a repeat post of mine in the group and decided to invite me to Oakland Middle School to give a clinic on Disc Golf and also meet his after school group of Disc Golfers.

I was only expecting about 10 participants, but we ended up with about 35 boys and girls.  The children ranged from 6th Grade to 12th Grade.  After a brief introduction, I led the group outside to the field area.  The class has 5 baskets and a box full of loaner discs the students can use and learn with.  

I started out the session by asking how long each student had been playing Disc Golf and what types of throws they currently use.   With limited time and 35 students, I decided to go over the Disc Golf fundamentals.  We started with grip, then stance, then follow thru.  After analyzing each student’s grip on the disc, I proceeded to demonstrate the proper pull through and release technique.  In waves of 5, the students setup their stance and ripped the discs across the field.  After everyone felt comfortable with the new grip and throw, we had a distance contest broken down by females and grades for the boys.  The children loved seeing who could crush it the furthest.  After the driving instructions, we went over putting.
I demonstrated 2 different types of putting stances, traditional and straddle.  The students then did a few practice putts and we moved on to a “ring of fire” contest.  We started at 10’, then moved to 15’, 25’ then 33’.  After the Ring of Fire game, I held a contest for who could make the longest putt.  We started at 33’, which I explained was the distance a Professional Disc Golfer should be making putts from regularly.  Only 1 female out of the 35 students made the putt from 33’.  As the time drifted away, it began to get dark, so we quickly hurried inside.

I awarded all of the females an Innova DX Stingray and whoever won the “long drive” contest also received a Stingray disc, I had 1 Stingray left over and awarded it to the most improved player.   I gave out 22 “Holly Finley Rookie of the Year 2013” Posters.  The children had a lovely time and after a short autograph session, we all gathered around for cookies and hot chocolate provided by Mr. Kinney and a few volunteers.

Thank you Innova for donating the Stingrays to Oakland Middle School’s Disc Golf class.   I appreciate your willingness to give and the children were very appreciative.

Clinic Date:  Friday, November 21st, 2014
Location:  Oakland Middle School, 853 DeJarnette Lane, Murfreesboro, TN, 37129

Contact: Scott Kinney

Duration: 2.5 hours

If you would like to make disc or gift donations to this after school Disc Golf class, please contact Scott Kinney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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